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Tuesday Aug 04, 2020

Home-schooling spaces that increase resale value

The uncertainty of school closures and re-openings during lockdown has caused many parents to consider the alternative of home-schooling. Even after life returns to normal, many will likely continue working remotely while their children continue to learn from home. Homes with their own classroom spaces are therefore likely to become more sought-after and appreciate in value over time.

According to Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, home classroom spaces might become as sought after as home office spaces following this pandemic. "Homeowners who choose to invest in creating at-home classrooms could be increasing the future resale value of their home," he predicts.

The most effective way to set up a home-schooling environment is to dedicate one room in the home as the children's workspace. For those who do not have an entire room in the home available, it is often better to combine the children's workspace with the home office space than to set up their workspace in the living room or bedroom where the children can be easily distracted.     

"Dining room spaces can also be easily converted into a classroom space. However, sellers should consult a local real estate practitioner to find out whether having a functional dining room space will be more appealing to buyers in that market than a home classroom space would be," Goslett cautions.

For those who are considering building onto their home to create an additional workspace for their children, Goslett encourages them to make the room as versatile as possible. "While demand for homes with a children's workspace is likely to increase, it is always better to keep the home as neutral as possible to appeal to the widest audiences. To maximize the value added by such a renovation, homeowners should consider adding built-in storage space and should make all classroom fittings (items such as blackboards or desks) removable so that future buyers can use the space however they would prefer," Goslett suggests.

Time will tell whether classroom spaces become the new normal, but anyone who is home-schooling knows how beneficial it is to have a separate workspace where children can focus on the task at hand. "Homeowners who are considering investing in these spaces should consult with a real estate professional to find out whether the addition will increase the resale value of their property. This can help them decide whether to go ahead with the project or not," Goslett concludes.

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